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  1. Chess Newbie says:


    I have Octg-cores version 1.2. How do i upgrde to version 1.3. What information you need? and how much ? Thanks.

    • SA Chess says:


      it is free to upgrade V1.3 from V1.2 between same cores edition. 

      please send us an email with email address on our records.

  2. quanchihy says:

    can you let me try the 8 cores 64 bit, 

  3. Lau Mong Yong says:

    Hi, is there anymore 30% off for octg-core ultimate?

  4. Somsak Koossalapeerom says:

    Today I use Quad-cores SA Chess 1.3.  I have two keys (one for desktop and one for notebook).  If i buy the new Quad-cores SA Chess 1.5, can I still use the old keys?

    In future if I buy a new desktop or notebook, do I have to pay for the new keys?

  5. Sam says:

    Hi, I’d like to purchase SA chess engine 8 core and my desktop does not have DVD player and I don’t know how I load it to my PC if you send me a DVD. Please let me know if I can load it thru my USB slot. Thank you.

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