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  1. Binh Tran says:

    I've paid subscribers SA is $ 50, please send software sachess foe me ,thanks

  2. Binh Tran says:

    Hi Cachess !

    i've paid subscribers sa is $50 , please send for me software sachess .thanks

  3. Binh Tran says:

    i dont want subscriber it , please return $50 for me, and i want buy software.because i dont understand about it .please, thanks

    • SA Chess says:

      hi, Binh:

      Your SA Chess key has been sent, please check your email inbox, and the differ between new order for dual cores and  subscripition will refund you within a couple of days. 

      The subscripition just for paid client who has already purchased SA Chess.

      Thank you very much for  interested in our xiangqi software. 

      Any question, please don't hesitate to contact us. 


      Enjoy it!


  4. Jay R Pham says:

    i like to have acchess for 1 year (quatro core)

  5. Paul says:


    I just paid subscription for 1 year quad core but haven't received any code or software in email yet.

    • SA Chess says:
      you need purchase software first,  would you like to pay more $60 to get quad cores edition or $15 to get dual cores edition?
  6. Paul says:

    oops, I did not purchased any sa software. I thought I can subscript without having to purchase it. I would like to have a refund.

  7. Brian says:

    Can I still use the purchased chess software without any subscription plan? After buying the chess software, what extra thing do I get when I further buy a subscription plan (whether 1 year or multi-year)?  In other words, what is in a subscription plan that is not included in the chess software?

    • SA Chess says:


      You can still use the purchased chinese chess software for lifetime without any subscription plan.

      After you buy subscription plan, you will get new upgrade version for your purchased software.  if not, you can only use old version after upgrade service expired. 




  8. giac says:

    Hello! 2 years ago i bought sachess dual-cores, then few day ago i downloaded and installed the new version 1.6, but it crashed every time game is ended. Could you please telle me why?

    • SA Chess says:

      hi, sachess 64bit engine can’t run on windows 32bit , so you will get crash everytime,  sachess 1.7 will be released, you can try it later. 

  9. hs says:

    hi it is confusing. is the software for permanent use on one computer or is it for one/two years as long as the subscription runs? thanks

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