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  1. Eric Le says:


    My name is Eric Le, I've bought Octg-cores ultimate edition on August 5, 2013 and I have not recieved the software, plesase advise. Thank you!

    • SA Chess says:
      Due to not receive paypal payment notification, we just knew this purchase after this comment.
      Please go to your email inbox to find your key and sa chess software already be ready.  Thank you so much for interested in our xiangqi software.
  2. CUBIN says:

    Hi, I am new to this website. Could you tell me about the SA chess GUI, can it play NADE CHESS/ XQMS chess engine on this GUI?

    Best Regards,


    • SA Chess says:

      sa chess gui support any chinese chess UCCI engine , so XQMS supported, and  if NADE CHESS is UCCI , it should be supported, either. 

  3. Brian says:

    My desktop PC is running Windows 7 (64-bit) on Intel Core i7 970 @3.2Ghz.  I think it's a 6 core CPU.

    What version of your chess software should I buy to achieve the strongest strength?

  4. Brian says:

    Are all versions of your chess software now available in 64-bit ?

  5. Chess Newbie says:


    My laptop is running Windows 8.1 (64-bit) on Intel Core i7 361 @2.3Ghz, 4 core CPU. Should I buy 4 or 8 cores for max streght ? Also if I want a DVD for safe keeping, do you still send the electronic version? May take few weeks to get the DVD. Thanks.


    • SA Chess says:


      Intel Core i7 361 @2.3Ghz, has 8 threads so SA Chess 8 cores edition is your best choice. 

      Yes, we will send electronic version first then post DVD if you purchase DVD for keeping. 

      thank you for supporting us. 





  6. Somsak Koossalapeerom says:

    October 18, 2014

    Last year I bought SA Chess Quad Core Edition V1.1; I use with my desk top (Core i5-2320) and my notebook (Core i7-4500U).  Both are installed with Windows 7 64 bit. The SA Chess It works great, strong and smart.  However the thinking details window and the Move List widow show in alien language (not English or Chinese language).

    For the new SA Chess V1.2, the thinking details window shows correctly in English.  But the Move List widow still shows in alien language (not English or Chinese language).

    How can I solve this problem?

    If I want to buy the new SA Chess V1.2, which version should I buy?  SA Chess Quad-Cores or SA Chess Octg-Cores ?

    For the new SA Chess V1.2, we need to send our machine id to produce a key to active SA Chess software. This means SA Chess is used in one pc for one license? If we want to install the software in two pc, do we have to buy two licenses?

    • SA Chess says:


      the Move List widow still shows in alien language (not English or Chinese language). How can I solve this problem? 

      We heard this kind of issue first time since V1.2 released, could you upload a screenshot with incorrect code in the movelist?

      which version should I buy?  SA Chess Quad-Cores or SA Chess Octg-Cores ?

      If you bought SA Chess V1.1, that is free to upgrade to 1.2 same cores edition , and pay the price gap to upgrade Octg cores edition or above, please let us know which option you want. 

      This means SA Chess is used in one pc for one license? If we want to install the software in two pc, do we have to buy two licenses?

      No, currently one user can install the software on his/her own reasonable number PCs without additional charge.  in general  , the number is two, if more than two, we might need additional evidence. 


      thank you for questions. 






  7. Adolf says:


    Can I use your program on smart phone?



    • SA Chess says:


      Unfortunately, at the moment sachess can’t run on Andriod / iOS  smart phone platform. 


      Once it can , we will let you know 


  8. chris says:

    Hi, I wonder if sachess could play on MacbookPro? , and if I have a MacbookPro i7, which edition would I choose to purchase ? dual, quad, octg, hexa?

    • SA Chess says:

      Hi, chris:

      unfortuantely,  No, sachess can’t run on macbook, just can run on windows XP and above.


  9. Chess Newbies says:


    Currently, i have Octg-cores version1.2. Want to upgrade to version 1.3. How much? and how to purchase? Thanks.

    • SA Chess says:


      it is free to upgrade V1.3 from V1.2 between same cores edition. 

      please send us an email with email address on our records.


  10. monolin says:

    Can the new SA Chess V1.3 work with Windows 10.

  11. Lovechess says:

    Hi Sa chess,

    Maybe You send to me Sachess 1.6 beta 2017(23012017) 64bit 2U

    I want to to test game and learning.

    My Email:

    Thank you.

  12. Quan says:

    Can Sa Chess beat the xmqs or typhoon engines

  13. chessgame says:

    You need join QQ group 18866504 to download, it is beta version , for test only


    Please provide link to join QQ group

  14. hangxom says:

    Hi dear, i have a pc 64 core, let me know how much for sw 64u

    • SA Chess says:


      SA Chess 64-Cores Ultimate Edition: support 64 CPU cores

      now only US $979.99


      please go to  to all price 

  15. hangxom says:

    Ps: if you have viber i'll call you

  16. hangxom says:

    Hi mr Sa Chess, my enginge is not runni]ng can you come to my pc  and fix for me please 


    • SA Chess says:


      yes, we can do that , but we are travelling oversea, please allow a couple of days to solve your issue , please send message on QQ to confirm the time point 


  17. Lau Mong Yong says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am very impressed by the result of SA Chess 1.7.


    I bought SA Chess 1.5 last year in November.

    How can I get 1.7?

  18. CTALH says:

    Hi,SaChess 1.6 no good for endgame..

  19. bribri10 says:

    Try playing chinese chess.

  20. Jacky says:

    Hi, I am using MacBook Pro. Can I use the software on Mac?

  21. T Nguyen says:


    I downloaded the 1.6 version for trying, but everytime I save my setting and exit it said the program has problem and I reload the game but it did'nt save my setting.

    very disaapointed!

    I am running the microsoft windows 10 can the version 2.0 be good for the windows 10?

    I woud like to buy the newest of your version, but I am affaid that it will do the same. Its will not save my setting . 

    • SA Chess says:


      sorry to hear that, that’s the common question caused by windows UAC,   please see here  Why I need input key every time? :


      Why I need input key every time?

      This is the reason that win7/8 UAC mode  blocked the write operation of SACHESS, so you can right click on SAChess and choose “ run as administrator”
      if there’s no option: run as administrator.
      (Assume your OS is windows 7. )
      I would suggest you to follow these steps:

      a. Right click on the program.

      b. Under Compatibility tab, check if you have the option “Run this program as an administrator”.


  22. Vincent Lee says:


    I bought the 8 cores 1.9 version. I have 2 questions:

    1) Can I install the purchased license for 2 machines (my desktop and laptop) or do I have to buy another one for my laptop?

    2) How can I make update to version 2.0

    Thank you!

    • SA Chess says:

      hi,  sorry for reply later, 

      1  yes, you need to buy another license 

      2  we will send you the latest version download info 

      please send us an email from your purchased email address, we can’t your email address on our files.


  23. phat says:

    i like 1 sac chess v.17 . please tell me know how ?

  24. toi rat muon tim hieu trang nay

  25. AN TRINH says:

    I d to download a strongest chines Chess Software into my Apples Computer.

    How much do I have to pay?

    • SA Chess says:

      Hi, unfortunately, sachess does not support mac OS, and only run on win7 and later windows OS

  26. brandon says:

    what’s sa chess engine book .obk?

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