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  1. vuichtoan says:

    hi. i am interesting in sa chess .please tell me now you can support 64 bit version otge -cores

  2. travis chung says:

    Hi there,

    I am considering to purchase the chess engine and DVD, but wondering if the DVD have english subtitle? thanksTravis Chung

  3. Robert Chen says:

    Hi, please be advised that the file Sachess_setup.exe v1.6 was analysed by VirusTotal today, and there are 2 of 60 scanners have detected a virus.

    The file BCGCBPRO2510u140.dll has been infected and detected by the scanner Jiangman.

    Is it false positive?  I would appreciate it if you can resolve this issue.

    • SA Chess says:

      that means it is clean.  other 58 anti-virus softwares don’t report virus/trojan for sachess. there is very hard to let all of anti-virus softwares not misreport. 

  4. Stephan Hodges says:

    Download is UI version 1.6 and AI version 1.6, NOT 1.7 as mentioned.

  5. Jiaqing Li says:


    How many threads (1 to 128) should I use for Dual-core Laptop 64bit i5 core for one second time limit?

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