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  1. mai_van_nha says:

    i want to buy the best sw chinesse for play on internet , is what this sw is the best in the market

    and , if i buy , you send to me to my email  key , for avtivate ?


  2. Jack Chen says:

    Hi, do you have traditional Chinese ones, or can you change from simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese?


  3. Jack Chen says:

    Sorry, one more question.

    Can you change the background board to real wood board back ground? Looks nice always. It's the real wooden board everybody uses that I'm talking about.


    • SA Chess says:

      it is easy to change background image ,  at next release, we will use different background image. 



      • Jack Chen says:

        Ok, just 2 more questions/requests:

        1. Maybe you can use real image files of real checkers and wooden board. Will look very nice.

        2. Can you change sound files manually?


        Also by the way, how do you know it's the best elephant chess logic in the world? I've seen other very good ones, too. Have you done any real comparisons and competitions before?


        • SA Chess says:

          at next release, we will add some board and view image files including wood board images, the default board image like this :


          meanwhile, you can custom  images of yourself, just copy the images into related subfolder under img folder  and choose it at "setup". 

          in the same way, you can make your own wav files and replace same name  file  under snd subfolder.



  4. Beginner says:

    For computer Intel i5 CPU 750 2.67GHz 2.66 GHz, should I buy Quad Core software version?

  5. interested user says:


    How about computers with more than 16 cores/threads? lets say 48 HTs?

  6. Ken says:

    Hi, I've tried your trial software. Here it says support XP.

    But when I install this on my XP then launch it says: SAUI.exe is not a valid win32 application. Whats up?

  7. VNWin says:

    Hi, I want to know about the depth speed.

    I’m thinking about buying a strong PC to enhance my opening book.

    I would like to know the how deep can the newest version of SaChess search in about 20 seconds.

    Specific: The 64-core edition. During the opening phrase (no book).

    Computer: Intel Xeon 2.20GHz (3.4GHz TB) 96 Core, 192 Threads. 256GB Memory SDRAM. Storage SSD.

    Hope to hear from you.

    • SA Chess says:


      sachess has fast depth speed,  at the start position, normal i7 4770k using 6 cores , in about 20 secs,  will reach depth 23. so you can image speed for 128 cores  on your 192 threads  CPU

  8. flawless says:

    First of all, I do not speak English very well, so please excuse me.

    Currently, the version of the sachess is 1.6, but there is a problem. I'm using Windows 10 bit 64-bit, which is forced to shut down in certain situations, and after shutting down, I'm experiencing a memory leak.

    Remember that the 1.5 version did not have a problem. I'd like to change to 1.5 version, but I can't get a 1.5 version install file. Can I get an older version of the installation file?

    • SA Chess says:

      sorry for delay,   you need latest sachess 1.8 that’s not free if 1.6 not stable on your PC,  1.5 is weak so we don’t provide on our website any more.

  9. Alberto Roldan says:

    Is this company still active?

  10. Harold Giang says:

    Hi SA Chess,
    How often your developer has upgrade version ?
    It over 1 year since SA Chess 2.2 version release, do you have estimate for next upgrade ?

  11. Emile says:

    How do i make black move first ?

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